Tale: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

An evil queen is jealous of her stepdaughter, who is as fair as snow with lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony. Because she is so fair, she is called Snow White.

The queen has a magic mirror who answers her questions as to whether she is the most beautiful woman of all. At last the mirror replies that Snow White is more beautiful: with that, the queen summons a hunter and orders him to take Snow White to the woods and kill her.

The hunter takes pity on Snow White and lets her go. She runs into the woods, and takes refuge in a little cottage which belongs to seven dwarves, who agree to shelter her.

The queen's mirror tells her that Snow White is still not dead. She disguises herself as a crone, and pays three visits to the dwarves' cottage: first with stays that she ties too tightly, then with a poisoned comb for her hair, and lastly with a poisoned apple. The first two times, the dwarves come home in time to loosen the stays, or take the comb from her hair, but they come home too late to see that she has been poisoned by the apple, and, mourning, build her a glass coffin.

A passing prince, upon seeing the coffin and the beautiful Snow White inside, asks the dwarves to give it to him. While moving it, Snow White is jostled, and the apple falls from her lips. She and the prince get married. The stepmother drops dead from sheer jealousy.

Novelised in:
_Suisan_ by Phyllis Carol Agins
_Snow White_ by Donald Barthelme
_Almost Snow White_ by Jeffrey Blount
_Pictures of the Night_ by Adele Geras
_Mira, Mirror_ by Mette Ivie Harrison (2004) _An Unlikely Prince_ by Barbara Jean Hicks
_Snow White and the Seven Samurai_ by Tom Holt
_One Day, My Prince_ by Linda Jones
_The Serpent's Shadow_ by Mercedes Lackey (2001)
_White as Snow_ by Tanith Lee (2000)
_Snow_ by Tracy Lynn (2003)
_Mirror, Mirror_ by Gregory Maguire (2003)
_Almost Paradise_ by Debbie Macomber
_The Perfect Husband_ by Kristine Rolofson
_The Mirror and the Magic_ by Coral Smith Saxe
_Eight Men and a Lady_ by Elizabeth Sinclair
Partially in _The Godmother_ by Elizabeth Scarborough
Partially in _Beauty_ by Sheri Tepper