Tale: The Frog Prince/Iron Hans

A princess loses her golden ball in a deep pond. A frog agrees to help her get it out, provided she let him be with her, to eat at her table and sleep on her pillow. She promises, but upon getting the ball, forgets her promise and runs off to the castle. The frog follows her and eventually gets to the castle, where the king makes her keep her promise.

The frog eats off her plate, and drinks out of her goblet, and they retire to her bedroom where he demands to be put on her pillow. Instead, she picks him up and throws him against the wall, where he turns into a handsome prince. (In some variations, she has to kiss him.)

The prince explains how he was changed into a frog by a wicked witch and doomed to remain in that form until a princess released him. They fall in love and are married. On the wedding day, a splendid carriage arrives, driven by the prince's faithful steward, Hans. Hans had been so unhappy when his master was changed into a frog that he put three iron bands around his heart to prevent it from bursting with sorrow. During the drive the iron bands crack open because Hans is so happy to see his master restored to his former shape and travelling to his kingdom with a beautiful bride. The prince and princess never forget the faithful Hans, who loved his master so well.

Novelised in:
_The Frog Princess_ by E.D. Baker (2002)
_The Princess and The Frog_ by Lisa Bingham
_The Frog Princess of Pelham_ by Ellen Conford (1997)
_The Frog King: A Love Story_ by Adam Davies (2002)
_Kiss Your Prince Charming_ by Jennifer Greene (1999)
Partially in _Once On A Time_ by A. A. Milne
_The Frog Prince: A Fairytale for Consenting Adults_ by Stephen Mitchell (1999)
_A Voice for Princess_ by John Morressy (1986)
_The Questing of Kedrigern_ by John Morressy (1987)
_Jimmy, Pickpocket of the Palace_ by Donna Jo Napoli (1995)
_Prince of the Pond_ by Donna Jo Napoli
_Dr. Hunk_ by Glenda Sanders
Partially in _The Godmother_ by Elizabeth Scarborough
_Fair Peril_ by Nancy Springer (1997)
Partially in _Never After_ by Rebecca Lickiss (2002)
Partially in _Beauty_ by Sheri Tepper
_Once Upon A Tangled Tale_ by Bronwyn Wolfe