Tale: Ashputtle/Cinderella

The wife of a rich man falls sick and dies, promising to be her daughter's guardian angel. Day after day, the maiden goes to her mother's grave to cry.

By the next year, the man has remarried, to a widow who has two daughters who are very beautiful and very evil-minded. The two daughters, jealous of their stepsister, have her banished to the kitchen, where she gets so black from ashes that they call her Ashputtle, or Cinderella.

She plants a tree beside her mother's grave, watering it with her tears. A white dove perches in this tree, and throws down whatever Cinderella wishes for.

After a time, the king gives a great ball, so that his son might choose a bride from all the ladies in the land. Cinderella is forbidden to go as she has no dress and no slippers. After the stepmother and sisters leave, she goes to her mother's grave, and wishes for a dress and slipper. (In variations, a fairy godmother gives them to her and warns her to be home by midnight.)

While leaving the ball, she leaves a slipper behind her accidentally. The prince, not knowing where to look for her, decides to marry the person who fits the shoe. The stepsisters cut various parts off their feet in order to fit the slipper, only to have the prince warned by white doves who are perching outside. At the wedding, the doves pluck out their eyes, so that the stepsisters have to spend the rest of their lives blind.

(In variations, these gory bits are left out.)

Novelised in:
_Glass-Slipper-Dot.com_ by Rebecca Anderson (2000)
_The Penny Princess_ by Anne Austin (1929)
_At Midnight: A Novel Based on Cinderella_ by Jennifer Baker (1996)
_Glass Slippers_ by Nancy Berland (1996)
_The Girl Who Sat By The Ashes_ by Padraic Colum (1919)
_Cinderella_ by C.S. Evans (1919)
_The Glass Slipper_ by Eleanor Farjeon
_Cinders_ by Katharine Gibson (1939)
_The Cinderella Search_ by Judy Griffith Gill (1998)
_Just Ella_ by Margaret Peterson Haddix
_All That Glitters_ by Barbara Jean Hicks (1999)
_Love Me Tender_ by Sandra Hill (1998)
_The Glass Shoe_ by Kay Hooper
_Which Witch?_ by Eva Ibbotson
_The Glass Slipper_ by Linda Johnston
_Cinderfella_ by Linda Jones
_Cinderella 2000_ by Mavis Jukes
With This Ring by Carla Kelly (1997)
_Once Upon A Dream_ by Katherine Kingsley
_Cinderella at the Firecracker Ball_ by Julie Kistler (1993)
_Phoenix and Ashes_ by Mercedes Lackey (upcoming)
_Cinderellis and the Glass Hill_ by Gail Carson Levine (2000)
_Ella Enchanted_ by Gail Carson Levine
_No Slipper for Cinderella_ by Mildred Lawrence (1965)
_Cinderella and the Texas Prince_ by Linda Lewis (1998)
_Cindy and the Prince_ by Debbie Macomber
_Confesions of an Ugly Stepsister_ by Gregory Maguire
_Chinese Cinderella_ by Adeline Yen Mah
_Cold Iron_ by Sophie Masson (1998)
_Cinderella_ by Ed McBain (1986)
_My Prince Charming_ by Molly McGuire (1993)
_Embrace the Night_ by Elda Minger
_Silver Woven In My Hair_ by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
_Bound_ by Donna Jo Napoli (2004) _I Was A Rat!_ by Philip Pullman (1999)
_Cinderella's Big Sky Groom_ by Christine Rimmer (1999)
_The Prince and the Showgirl_ by JoAnn Ross
_Her Own Prince_ by Eva Rutland
_Southern Charms_ by Trana Mae Simmons (1999)
_A Cruise for Cinderella_ by Alex Stuart (1956)
_When The Nightingale Sings_ by Joyce Carol Thomas (1992)
_The Coachman Rat_ by David Henry Wilson
_Ma Cinderella_ by Harold Bell Wright (1932)
Partially in _The Godmother_ by Elizabeth Scarborough
Partially in _Beauty_ by Sheri Tepper
Backwards variation in _Howl's Moving Castle_ by Diana Wynne Jones
Partially in _Never After_ by Rebecca Lickiss (2002)
Partially in _Once Upon A Time_ by Lynn Roberts (2000)
Partially in _Once Upon A Tangled Tale_ by Bronwyn Wolfe